November 2, 2007

Ni hao!! (or, Trick or Treat!)

Well, Casty is officially dead and gone. I now have a brace for the next three or so weeks. It's not so bad, and I get to hang out with a chatty, friendly physical therapist, who massages my hand and uses this nifty little ultrasound thingy to relieve inflammation and pain. Heaven! I can knit with brace, and will attempt a little swatch later this afternoon.

Halloween came and went, and came again. Here in our little borough, for reasons still not clear to me, the kids trick-or-treat the week before Halloween. So Halloween itself is something of an anti-climax because it's just another day, except it is Halloween, except there aren't trick or treaters here, just everywhere else. This year I was really on top of the candy situation, actually shopped a day early!! I went to Sam's and got dum-dum lollipops, and also some super-cute Halloween gummies. No chocolate, so we adults wouldn't have the opportunity for late night gorging. Perfect, right?

As I emptied them into the big bowl, I looked at the back of the package only to discover that the candy is made in China! Normally, I wouldn't think twice, but I couldn't help but wonder about certain additives that might have fallen into the gummy soup. Anti-freeze came to mind. As my husband would say "Is this a problem or an inconvenience?" Hmmm. We did a taste test with the kids (Ninja and Fanta Girl), agreed that they were a little funky, but all in all pretty good. And wouldn't you know those gummies went like hotcakes!

So, happy belated Halloween and there will be actual knitting content in the very near future.

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The_Add_Knitter said...

God those gummies are literally the creepiest candy I've ever seen!